Helping female founders increase access to networks & capital



To help enable the next wave of female entrepreneurs 

01. DiscoverY

Discovering the next big service or product catered to female consumers

02. Access

Opening up access to contacts and networks 

03. facilitation

Facilitating introductions to investors 

04. value add

Adding value through operational advice and expertise






The Stats

Women drive 75% of the buying decisions of VC-backed companies but receive 6% of seed stage funding and 2.5% of VC dollars

Women are starting over 1,000 businesses A DAY

Growth of women-owned businesses with $10M+ in revenue is outpacing men by 50% 

Women entrepreneurs are outperforming male counterparts with less capital available to them (on average, $935K versus $2.12M)

Females receive $88 for every $100 of seed-stage funds raised by men and $77 for every $100 of VC funds raised

Women in the US are on track to control $22 trillion in assets in 2020, $36 trillion globally





“The grass is


where you water it”

Allison Conrad  |  Founder

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